About us

Amongst everything, the seminar «Modelling Ecology & Evolution Zurich» has proved to be a unique opportunity for us to create links and exchanges. We hope that this event will offer you a chance to do the same. While we are all evolutionary modelers based in the city of Zurich (University of Zurich and ETH), our research covers diverse topics.

Yagmur Erten (PhD student): I am interested in using mathematical and computational models to study evolutionary questions. Having previously worked on cultural evolution and evolutionary epidemiology, I am currently a PhD student at Hanna Kokko's group in University of Zurich, working on life history evolution under cancer risk.

Judith Bouman (PhD student): I started working with Roland Regös at ETH in March 2018. My work is mainly concentrated on modelling the within-host dynamics of HIV infections. I look for instance at the effect that non-neutral selection scenarios have on the use of phylogenetic techniques on within-host HIV models.

Pierre Laye (PhD student): I am doing my PhD at the university of Zurich at Andreas Wagner’s group, where I focus on the adaptive role of gene expression noise and mistranslation noise. More specifically, I am looking at how bacterial populations perform in fitness landscapes with fluctuations in the expression of their genes.

Stéphane Chantepie (Postdoc): Until recently, my research focused on the estimation of demographical rates and genetic values on wild animal populations using statistical inferences. I recently joined the Guillaume's group of the Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies (University of Zurich) to develop an individual-based simulation program and study the genetics of adaptation over large geographical scales.

We are convinced that we have a lot to share and to learn by coming together around the broad theme of modelling in ecology and evolution.

We look forward to seeing you